Congratulations to my friend Jacqui Robbins who was feted and cheered by an audience of cupcake smeared admirers. (The cupcakes were good!) But her second book, TWO OF A KIND (Illustrated by Matt Phelan. Published by Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books, 2009), is even better than bright blue and green cupcakes! It has just taken its first steps out into the world, and what a sensitive and honest book it is!

Jacqui has just the right touch and is in tune with the tragedies of life in early elementary school. Join me in welcoming this new book. (Click on the photo in the sidebar, to be taken to an independent bookstore where you may order Jacqui’s book.) In addition, check out her funny blog at:

And in case you missed it . . . here is Jacqui’s first book, THE NEW GIRL . . . AND ME.  You teachers, listen up!  Jacqui’s books are spot-on for use in the early elementary classroom. She handles the problems of bullies, and new students with a knowing touch.